• How to Fix Some Android Head Unit Product Issue(System upgrade,bluetooth,Mirror Link,GPS)

    Android Head Unit Trouble Shooting 6 Normal Issues Boot Logo Android head unit got stuck on the boot logo. This could be boot loop issue.you need to reset the unit. Cut the power and wait for 2-3 hours.   Android Head Unit System Upgrade  I have a 10 inch android head unit running android 7.1 operating system.Is there a path to upgrade it to Android 8.0 ? Normally,upgrade from 7.1 to 8.0 is impossible.It's a big version upgrade,not like upgrade from...

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  • Car Audio Head Unit 9 Frequently Asked Questions

    Arkright Car Audio Head Unit 9 Frequently Asked Questions 1.How and when does the dvr camera work? where does it record to? does it record to a card?This DVR connect to the car audio head unit via usb port, it only works when the unit keep turn on.It can record to card,you can also the save path. You can set the DVR storage location through Settings>Extra settings.2.Does the dvr record over old files once the sd memory card is full?Yes, it will...

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  • Arkright Car Stereo Setting: How to increase Voice Volume of GPS

    Q:Is there any way to increase the volume of the gps that is heard very low? A:The GPS volume setting operation is as following 4 steps.Navigate to  1.Settings 2.Car 3.Navigation settings 4.Navigation sound mode   Q:Is there some kind of remote control to control the volume from the passenger seat?. A:It can control volume by car radio,but,it can't be controlled by some controller separatly.

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