How to Fix Some Android Head Unit Product Issue(System upgrade,bluetooth,Mirror Link,GPS)

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Android Head Unit Trouble Shooting 6 Normal Issues

Boot Logo

Android head unit got stuck on the boot logo.

This could be boot loop need to reset the unit. Cut the power and wait for 2-3 hours.


Android Head Unit System Upgrade 

I have a 10 inch android head unit running android 7.1 operating system.Is there a path to upgrade it to Android 8.0 ?

Normally,upgrade from 7.1 to 8.0 is impossible.It's a big version upgrade,not like upgrade from 7.1 to 7.2 etc.It requires all related software needs to redesign,reinstall and recompatible with new 8.0 android system to ensure device can go into a normal operation.But if your head unit manufacturer has strength of professional technology.reach out to them to confirm.



Why Android head unit’s bluetooth suddenly not working?My android head unit blue tooth works fine for some days,but after that it is suddenly stop.There is nothing shows on screen.It just search endlessly and unable to detect anything. How fix it ?

According to the issue that it can’t detect anything, we can infer it’s a product quality.It produced produced originally with bluetooth function defect. Plus,if you car is a specific car model,better not to make factory rest at random.It will cause more issues.



Some android head units always has an issue.DAB+ app stutter in the background.And sellers does’t care and can’t give a proper solution.If you want to find an alternative dab+ app,and upgrade interface to improve user experience.

Maybe here is the answer for that stutter problem.Some guy from the forum give the answer,they patched app and change the code.Refer this DAB+ upgrade post to learn details.


Download DAB-Z app via below link.



How to fix Android 8.0 head unit doesn’t work with GPS ?

It’s probably there is something wrong with your GPS antenna. A lot of unit came out with poor quality antenna.Another possibility to cause it because of hot or cold weather. In order to fix the position,pay attention to antenna’d better to hide it under unit.



My mirror link function doesn’t work and how to fix ?

The cable is too long or you may plug it into a wrong usb port.


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