Basic Knowledge about Car Audio

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What's Car Stereo or Head Unit

The head unit is the core part of the car stereo system.Its main function is to play the video or audio source, which is same to the home video player.Nowadays, the head unit equipped with display touchscreen.As long as the speaker is connected,a set of audio and video systems will be set up.

The audio system is usually placed on the control panel.It is convenient for the driver to touch and manipulate.If you want to get the ideal picture and sound quality,you must first ensure you can output high quality signals.


Types of head unit

There are many ways to classify car head units.The most common methods are classified according to signal sources.The main signal source of the car stereo system is: radio (FM/AM), tape drive, Bluetooth, CMMB digital TV, MP5, CD, VCD, DVD, MP3 etc.

Manufactures combine these sound sources to produce different functional car stereo multimedia systems.The most common functions included are radio, CD, tape,three-in-one model.

Most of the current car audio and video player is dedicated to specific car model. In addition to playing the video disc, insert the U disk, SD card, you can also insert the navigation card for simulation navigation.


How to select a car stereo 


Sound Quallity

The purchase of head unit system should start from the following 3 aspects.High tone quality, pure sound quality, shockproof ability and beautiful style. 


The head unit size normally are two,1DIN and 2DIN. (DIN is the abbreviation,refers to German Industrial Standard).1Din size is equal to L185* H50*W160mm, the versatility is strong. 2DIN size is twice the height of 1DIN. 


The display effect of car stereo LCD screen mainly depends on the resolution,which is an important purchase indicator.The higher the resolution, the higher the picture clarity and better display effect.Because the LCD screen is relatively small,if the resolution can reach to 720*480.That’s great.

Stereo effect 

Sound quality is also an important factor in choosing a head unit.Tone, sound quality,determine the effect of car audio.


Car Stereo's basic functions

Since car interior space has a certain influence on the sound field and sound quality. In order to solve these problems, many car audios has corresponding function designs,so that the live listening effect is achieved. Normal model includes the following basic functions

Adjustment of tone

    That is high and low sound adjustment.

    Control of equal loudness

    Usually when the volume is small, the treble and bass disappear, and the sound effect is missing.As long as you press the lound button, the unit will raise the treble and bass, and the sound will become full and clear.

    Preset equalization mode

      which means setting different frequency curves for different music types, generally rock, jazz, pop,classical and so on.
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