Components and Basic Configuration of Car Audio

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Components and Basic Configuration of Car Audio

Car audio refers to the listening effect that formed by the sound source and compartment.Car-audio-related equipment include the sound source (head unit), power amplifier, speaker.Other auxiliary equipments such as crossovers, capacitors, etc.

Today's car audio generally has two styles, which focus on sound quality and volume.The former pursues the purity of music,high fidelity, belongs to European style.The latter does not require high sound quality, but pursues a large dynamic range,loud pressure and great volume, and belongs to the American style.

The two styles vary from person to person and each has their favorite.

The composition and characteristics of car audio

  • Sound Source (Head Unit)

There are two types of sound sources in car audio, cassette players and disc players.The cassette player uses audio tape as the sound source.It is analogue technique and outdated.It is mainly installed on some low-end cars. Its frequency response range is narrow, noise is large.Obviously,it cannot be used as a sound source for listening to music.

The audio source used by the disc player are CD MD MP3 VCD DVD, etc.These are digital technologies.The CD player is the basic product,so we will take CD player as an example.

CD player working system and working principle

  • Signal interpretation system

The laser head reads the signal from the disc, through RF amplification and IC amplification forms an RF signal,then it comes into preliminary audio signal. After DSP processing, and sends it to the audio processing circuit to form four channels. (FL FR RL RR) is then amplified by the power amplifier,directly drive the speaker. Another way to interpret is to directly output the audio signal before it enters the power amplifier, called the RCA signal output.

  • Servo system

There are two sets of signals. The first is that the laser head reads the signal from the disc and is input to the servo control IC after RF amplification. The other is the control signal. The two sets of signals work together on the servo control integrated circuit to control the operation of the servo motor. So laser head can accurately read the signal on the disc.

  • Control system

The control commands signal sent from the panel are compiled into different digital signals by the central processing unit.Signals are input into the integrated circuit of the servo system through DSP. Thereby it control the operation of the servo system. There is also a set of instructions on the panel, which are sent to the audio processing circuit via the CPU to control the audio processing circuit.During the control process, the panel display accordingly.

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