8 Things Helps You Buy a Compatible and Suitable Car Stereo Head Unit

How to Buy a Compatible and Suitable Car Stereo Head Unit


When we buy goods, we can't just say whether a product is good or bad by subjective judgment. Even if you buy clothes, you should pay attention to workmanship and fabrics. The same is true for the purchase of a car head unit. Whether it is good or bad, some necessary information from the basic technical indicators can reflect.Here are some indicators you need to aware of.

4 Evaluation indicators determines a good car head unit system

Output power

It refers to the maximum working power that the head unit can provide when outputting music. You should be noted that the value indicated by the manufacturer in the product description is only the peak power. In fact, the value of the stable output will be greatly reduced. The normal power that can be supplied is only about 50%. When you pairing head unit with the speakers,pay attention matching problem of to actual power.

Frequency response

It reflects the operating frequency range of the car audio.To frequency range,the larger is better (better to choose smaller the lower limit, the larger upper limit).Human’s hearing range is 20-20 000. Hz, so the frequency response range should at least cover this frequency range. In fact, very few people can reach 20 000 Hz, men can generally reach 16 000 Hz, and women are 18 000 Hz.

Signal to noise ratio

It refers to the ratio between the music signal and the noise signal. When you select the car audio, the larger the value, the cleaner of sound.

Harmonic distortion

It refers to the original frequency is disturbed by various frequency doublings. In theory,the smaller the value, the lower distortion.

RCA pre-output

When the power amplifier is running,the voltage of the audio signal is very important to control the tone of music.The higher the voltage, the better.

4 Problems to be awared of when purchasing a car head unit

CD Player

At present, the CD player on the market can be divided into two types: the enthusiast level and ordinary level.

The ordinary CD head unit system has four build-in power amplifier systems at least.It can be used with speakers without additional power amplifier.

The enthusiast-class must add an external power amplifier before using.So,you should take care of this notice,in case you are buying a "enthusiast" back and can't use.

Interior Style matching

When purchasing the car head unit, you need to pay attention to the matching problem.Because the panel style should be consistent with inside environment. If a luxurious Benz equipped with a gaudy head unit system,then the vehicle’s internal style will be affected.

Multi-disc CD player or normal player ?

Do not blindly pursue multi-disc CD player system. Although it is much convenient for drivers to use after discs are placed.It is not necessary for ordinary consumers.If you have high requirements on music quality, multi-disc CD tapes sometimes will cause signal transmission problem and affect the your sound quality.

RCA output

Select the head unit system with RCA output,for the consideration of future upgrade.This port allow you are able to install the amplifier.

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